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No need to duplicate content for mobile version.
No programming skills required from you

You will edit the content in the same was as you normally did it earlier.

Our Approach To Mobile Friendly Update


WEBSITE REVIEW Firstly, you leave a link to a website where mobile friendly update should be performed. We review the website, check out the source code and determine the scope of the work. If any additional details have to be addressed we may have a meeting to discuss it. No upfront fees required.


DEVELOPMENT After the quote is confirmed we start the development process. We request access details for the website and web hosting in order to download the current version of the webpage. Later we perform all the necessary work for adding mobile friendly version to your website. We always do the coding on our dev/test servers therefore your website remains untouched during that process



We always perform the series of internal testing (integrity | device | platform) before we pass the project to you for external user testing. We will provide you with the URL on our test server so you will be able to test it remotely. Normally Google Mobile Friendly Validation is also performed at this step



When the work is tested and confirmed we create a full backup of your webage (codebase, database, content) and deploy our work to your website. The downtime normally is 2-5 minutes. We are capable to update the webpage during non-business hours for free upon request if needed.



Finally, we do another Google test and once everything validated and signed off we finalize the project and issue an invoice for the job performed.

Mobile friendly showcases: Before and After

What exactly will you receive

What will happen with the webpage?

Every element of your website will be adapted to a proper size and shape based on the device it is opened on. We do not change existing content of your webpage so you will not see any difference on desktop.

What about menu?

Instead of the normal menu you will see a special icon when on mobiles so once you click on it the menu will expand. In some cases we also can implement a special iconized menu (please see an example at engaging your potential customers with your business.

Will it affect the page load time?

Normally you will receive +25% in speed when loading your website on mobile phones due to skipping unnecessary images. Optionally we can compress HTML source files, CSS stylesheets and JavaScript code reducing it by 35%. With that we may speed up the page load time even when on desktops.

How will I add/edit all the content (images, texts, contact forms)?

You will not need to do any extra steps to update the content of mobile version. The way you are adding or editing the content will not be changed. All the changes you do for desktop will be automatically propagated into the mobile version. Basically the content stays the same for either desktop, tablet or phone.

Will it work on my client's devices?

With every project we perform internal testing using real devices. We test the webpage on a real mobile phones with different operating systems and browsers on them (Android, iOs | Chrome, Safari, Opera). We are confident that the mobile version we produce will work on the most of the modern mobile phones and tablets.

So what about the conversion rate?

We replace all occurrences of your phone number to be button. So now your customers would just click on it when on their mobiles and it will prompt them to call the number. With that your visitors will have much better user experience. No time wasting on copy-pasting anymore!

Still have a question?

Don’t worry. We are consulting you during the whole process of development. Do not hesitate to ask any questions in regard to the service we perform. Normally we help you with advises even after we finish the work.

Any CMS / Technology Support

Will work with any webpage type

Commercial website




In terms of “mobilizing” the Content Management System (CMS) on the backend same as the type of the website does not actually matter. We do not touch database or change backend scripts of your website.


  • Valera at WebYourWay was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had an old website that needed updated to modern platforms and adapted to be Mobile friendly. I had looked into it a few times and had become overwhelmed with how to go about it and how much it might cost. I Found Valera to be very honest and made the whole experience easy to understand and he was able to do exactly what I wanted and took time to explain things to me that I didn’t understand. The pricing was very reasonable. I really appreciated his honesty as well as his wealth of knowledge. Hope to use WebYourWay again in the future and I would happily recommend to anyone.

    Fit Model Management
  • Thank you for your efficient and value added service in respect to rendering our website mobile friendly. The end result is very good and has received a big tick from the groups stakeholders with appreciation

    New Stars Art
  • Thank you. That is what I wanted. You offer is quite reasonable and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I wish you good luck.

    Forum Medical Centre
  • Service was quick, no fuss and very affordable. Highly recommended.



More than 70% of our valued customers are coming back and use our services for any sort of webdevelopment jobs. With the wide skill set of our team we can deliver results for any tasks, of almost any difficulty, with guaranteed quality and speed.

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21st of April 2015 Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that was designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

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